August 7, 2011

Larry Sinclair - Obama Coverup → Must See Video

This explains a LOT about Mr. Obama.

Not only should the president of the United States be born in the U.S.A of parents that are U.S. citizens, but also be of stellar character since he/she represents us.

Pathological liar Obama's abuse of cocaine wasn't a youthful indiscretion. He continued to abuse cocaine and smoke crack when he was a senator.

In hindsight, this could explain why warmonger, murderer, terrorist and pathological liar Obama is the worst, dumbest and laziest president in U.S. history.

It is also no surprise that today is the first I have heard of this. Another successful cover-up by the gelastic media.

Friends of Obama:
Van Jones: Hates America & self-described communist revolutionary
Bill Ayers: Communist, Terrorist, US Government bomber & Obama's book author. Ayers conspired to kill 25 million US citizens in the '60s and is unrepentant.

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