August 9, 2011

83% say Time for Everyone in D.C. to go

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Monday, 08 August 2011 JB Williams
Less than three years after the Obama Revolution seized control of Washington DC, only 17% of Americans believe that Washington DC represents them. The other 83% - agree that it is time for everyone in Washington DC to find new employment outside of politics!

Following the historic international headline news that Obamanomics was a total abject failure and Obama is the first president in U.S. history to preside over a monumental loss of U.S. credit standing in the world, Americans appear finally ready to deal with the theft of their government and destruction of their once great nation.

Only 24% of Americans still support Barack Obama, down from 44% on his inauguration day less than three years ago. The overly civilized and sleepy silent majority of Americans are finally awakening to the reality that the golden boy of international socialism and messiah of the Democrat Party has run their country aground - albeit $4.4 Trillion in new debt and the loss of superpower status in the world, too late! They were a little slow in coming to the realization that Obama is either a communist usurper, or a world class screw up!

But options are thin, when considering solutions.
  • The Executive Branch is run by international socialist dictators
  • The Judicial Branch is nothing more than a Gestapo for the evil administration
  • Justice and Homeland Security is a joke, focused only on capturing patriotic citizens
  • Congress is nothing but a rubber stamp for Democratic Socialism
  • The press is only the fog horn of the extreme socialist left
  • Academia is a brain-washing machine for anti-American sentiments
  • And entertainment is a propaganda machine for Marxism
So, what should 83% of Americans do to right a ship they clearly believe to be off course and headed for the jagged cliffs? Although their constitution remains, it has not been adhered to in decades and like any muscle, it has dramatically atrophied into a greatly weakened state.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a system by which the people could easily protect and preserve freedom, liberty and prosperity for future generations, if we would only be forever vigilant.

Sadly, the people stopped being vigilant almost a hundred years ago and today, although most Americans don’t like what we have, few know what we are supposed to have and even fewer have a clue how to regain it.

The mechanisms put in place to protect the people from tyrannical government are not in place right now. The people cannot turn to the election booth, the court room or even state officials to regain control of their runaway government. So, what options remain on the table?

The People Seek the Solution
But, are they looking in the right places? Where are the people looking? If it’s at the next crop of corrupt, spineless and inept politicians, they are looking in the wrong place. If they are looking to the totally corrupt justice system, they are looking in the wrong place. If they are looking to their soldiers fighting for freedom and liberty abroad, they are looking in the wrong place. We are not Nicaragua or Greece… we do not have votes of no confidence or military coups in America.

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